Our entire staff would like to welcome Dr Cumella’s patients to our practice. We will doing our very best to uphold the high quality of care that you or your families have received in his office. Dr Cumella and I have been colleagues and close friends for my entire professional career. I believe we share a similar approach of being a good listener and treating patients with the most up to date medical knowledge.
If you or any of your family members would like to join our practice, please call to schedule an appointment. During this time of the Corona pandemic, Dr Mavissakalian and I will be seeing patients by Telemedicine. This can be arranged through our secretarial staff. We will have access to your records with Dr. Cumella, however these will not be opened until you sign our forms allowing us to do so. We take all insurances including HMO medicaid, except we do not take straight NYS Medicaid. We will provide prescription refills only after your initial evaluation.
Our practice specializes in Allergies, Asthma, Atopic dermatitis(eczema), Urticaria(hives) and Angioedema(swelling), Immune deficiency with Recurrent infections as well as Food, Medication and Insect allergy. We are the only practice in WNY currently doing Oral Immunotherapy(OIT) for peanuts, tree nuts, milk and eggs. Future plans include sesame, soy and wheat.
We wish good health to our current and future patients and look forward to a time when we can practice medicine safely.

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