Oral Food Challenges

Oral food challenges are recommended on a case by case basis. They are only done once a recent skin or RAST test has been documented to be negative for a particular food allergen. This visit generally lasts 1 1/2 hrs.  The known allergen (ie. peanuts/nuts/eggs/milk) is brought to the office by the parent. Incremental doses are given to the patient while he/she is being observed in the office.

The advantage of doing an in-office food challenge is that you have a team of professionals trained in anaphylaxis who can immediately treat the patient if necessary. It provides a safe and more relaxing experience for the patient who may be anxious to try something that they have always been told to avoid. Please bring something to the office that will help your child to pass the time as this is a longer visit. Patients must discontinue antihistamines for five days prior to the food challenge.