First Visit

What to expect on your first visit: 

On the day of your first visit the doctor or physician assistant will take a complete medical and environmental history as well as do a physical exam. The nursing staff will then obtain your vital statistics (blood pressure, weight, height) and do the necessary skin testing and/or pulmonary function testing to diagnose and confirm any existing problems. After these results are reviewed by the doctor or physician’s assistant (PA), a diagnosis and treatment plan will be presented. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy or given to you. Instructions on how to use your medicine will be given before you leave. If allergy shots are recommended, they can be started within a few days.

Please allow up to two hours for your first visit!

On your first visit we would like you to be prepared for possible skin testing. Patients must discontinue anti-histamines for 5-7 days prior to your first appointment for this purpose. If you are unsure what medicines are anti-histamines, you can review our list of medications to avoid before skin testing. You also can call our office or check with your pharmacist.

Patient Information FormAt your first visit our staff will ask you to fill out a confidential new patient registration form.  We encourage patients to print out this form at home and save time by arriving with it already filled out. This form requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print the form:

Minors: Patients under the age of 17 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Non English Speaking Patients: If you are not fluent in English please bring a translator with you. This will expedite your consultation/office visit and help to make sure that you understand your treatment plan.

What to bring with you: 

Physician Referral: please make sure that your referral has been made prior to your appointment if this is required by your insurance.

Insurance card(s) including cards that you use to get your prescriptions. We will file your insurance claim for you. You will be responsible for any co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance at the time of your visit. We accept cash, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

Previous allergy skin tests and any lab or x-ray reports that may relate to your current problem(s).

List of current medications and names of medications that you have previously tried and failed.

Name of PMD (primary medical doctor) and any specialists who will need a copy of your report.