Baked milk diet instructions developed at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute

Instructions for introducing baked milk at home – after the physician-supervised OFC (oral food challenge) and when approved by your doctor:

When your child has passed the baked milk challenge, he or she will be able to eat extensively baked products with CM (cooked milk) as an ingredient.  Should your child develop an allergic reaction to the food that contains baked milk, please record the offending food, amount eaten, preparation technique, and symptoms. Contact our office at your earliest convenience to review the reaction.

Your child may now eat the following:

  • Store-bought baked products with CM/CM ingredient listed as the third ingredient or further down the list of ingredients.
  • Home-baked products that have no more than one-sixth cup of CM per baked milk serving. For example, a recipe that has 1 cup CM per batch of a recipe that yields 6 servings.
  • Remember to check store-bought products and ingredients on the basis of your child’s food allergies to avoid a reaction to other allergens.
  • All baked products must be baked throughout and not wet or soggy in the middle.

Your child should continue to avoid unbaked milk and CM-based foods such as the following:

  • Baked products with CM listed as the first or second ingredient.
  • Product that may have a CM ingredient that has not been baked, such as a CM ingredient containing frosting on a cookie or cupcake, or a cheese flavoring on a cracker that may not have been baked (e.g. flavorings may be applied topically after the product is baked).
  • Milk chocolate chips that will melt during baking but not bake. Please continue to use CM-free chocolate chips.
  • Regular milk or dairy in any form including whole, low-fat, nonfat, or skim CM, lactose-free products, dry milk powder, yogurt, sour cream, butter, hard and soft cheeses, ice cream, sherbet, butter, etc.
  • Frosting with a CM ingredient.
  • French toast and pancakes.
  • Homemade waffles.
  • Cooked milk products that are not baked, such as pudding.

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