Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

Sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy has recently been approved by the FDA for grass and ragweed.

Grastek tablets from Merck and Oralair tablets from Greer are both grass tablets which may be given to grass allergic patients(documented by + skin or blood tests). Grastek is for patients 5-65yo and Oralair is for 10-65yo. This treatment plan should be started ~3 months prior to grass season(JAN/FEB) and taken daily till the end of grass season(mid-July). The 1st dose will be administered in our office by placing the tablet under the tongue. After 1 minute, patients may swallow and food/liquids can be consumed after 10 minutes. Patients are observed in our office for 30 minutes. Common side effects include mild swelling and itching under the tongue, palate and throat or itchy ears. These symptoms resolve usually within 10 minutes. More severe reactions include: flushing, tightness or difficulty swallowing/breathing, dizziness,GI cramping, hives and feeling faint. For any of these symptoms patients will be appropriately treated and SLIT will be discontinued.

Ragwitek tablets have also been approved by Merck for Ragweed allergic patients from 18-65 yo. This tablet should be started in May and continued till the 1st frost(~mid-October). Similar treatment plans and side effect profile stated above apply.

If you or your children are interested in SLIT please feel free to discuss this with our medical staff.

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